Speaking Your Truth Volume II in Full Swing – Be a Part of this Amazing Project!

Speaking Your Truth Volume 2It’s an exciting time, as Lisa and I are feverishly working on the next volume of Speaking Your Truth, a women’s anthology that topped the charts on Amazon last fall during its debut. We have already received many wonderful submissions from women all over the world –from the United States, Mexico, and even Australia.

The stories continue to roll in and we are plugging along, reading them, accepting many, and working with other authors to get their story submission ready!

Currently, we have SEVEN spots left! So if you have considered writing, or have postponed getting your story done – now is the time. We have decided to extend a grace period for those of you who would really like to be involved in this anthology. That means you have until MIDNIGHT on February 28th to get us your story.

We’ve received a lot of inspiring stories around career paths, finding a new direction, and loss. We would welcome additional submissions around love and relationships, children and parenting, spirituality/faith, or other topics. We love lighter pieces too – don’t think your story needs to be dramatic or traumatic to be accepted and published.

One contributor said “I just found your request for stories last night on Facebook and decided to write mine out and send it in. …Just the act of putting it down on paper made the effort worth everything to me.  Even if you decide not to use it, I thank you for the opportunity to get it all out of me so I am able to live life without it weighing me down.  This morning when I woke up, I was as a much happier, more contented person than I have been for years.”

Sharing your message and telling your story can play a vital role in the healing process. Don’t delay on this opportunity. If you want to get published and get your story on paper – then get your submission to us right away. You can find the guidelines for submission here – http://www.lisajshultz.com/guidelines.pdf.

There is a small investment for being a contributing author, you can learn more about what your investment is used towards and how you can earn it back here on our blog.

Lastly, being a published author comes with a sense of accomplishment and a level of credibility. If you are ready to step into something bigger and be a part of a collaborative and inspiring project – write your chapter and send it in today.

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

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