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What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Linda Anderson

Being part of the “Speaking Your Truth” project has been an amazing opportunity for me. I have always wanted to be a writer and to now have the chance to not only be published but to tell my own story! There is certainly a freedom in expressing my life lessons and to be able to share them with others so that they will not feel alone and be able to overcome their own obstacles. Even if the people reading my story do not have the same issues in their life, it will help them understand what goes on for others and help them to be grateful for what they do have.

I plan to write more in the future and with being a part of this book I have more confidence in my writing and my ability to fulfill my dream of being a published author.  This is a kick-start to that dream that I never imagined would come to me in this form. The more I realize that just by letting things happen naturally, the most amazing gifts can land right on your doorstep and this project is that manifested for me. 

I am extremely grateful to both Lisa Shultz and Andrea Costantine in creating this venue for me and everyone else who have participated in this book.

Linda Anderson lives by the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Lakewood, Colorado with her loving boyfriend, his daughter and her two sons. She has a personal assisting business, which is growing steadily, and she is enjoying running her own business. She loves to travel and is always looking for more ways to grow together and individually. She reads and plays the violin in her spare time. She looks forward to the rest of her life with hope and optimism. She desires to help society understand what domestic violence is and put an end to it.  She can be reached at


“Read one of these stories and you’ll keep turning the pages for more. Speaking Your Truth taps into a range of life experiences as women share their deepest hurts, triumphs and growth that once seemed unlikely or impossible.”

Susan K. Elliott, entrepreneur and author of Start Your Own Home-Based Summer Camp,

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Marie Gallagher

When I first heard about this project, I thought I didn’t have a story to tell.  If I did have a story perhaps it would not be something someone would want to read so I initially did not want to share.  I started thinking about my story and speaking my truth and realized, that hey, this story might resonate with someone else.  If someone else could read the words I’d written and see themselves in the story and see that there was a very large light at the end of the tunnel, then perhaps I could help someone else realize that the path to love is open, if you are open. 

Speaking my truth in my story has been a soul opening experience for me.  I was scared, but I am no longer afraid.  I felt lonely at times in the past, but now realize I will never be lonely because I am surrounded by loving people, pets and circumstances.  I know I wanted to completely forget about the past, yet it is because of the past that I am who I am today.   The past is over, I could never rewrite it or relive it any other way and that is just fine by me.  I don’t live in the past, and I don’t sweat the future – I live in the present and my oh my, what a delightful gift it is.   I am happy and grateful to have been a part of this writing project because I did have a story to tell and I know the writing of it will help others.

Marie Gallagher is happy to report that she has been blissfully wed for 23 years now.  She counts her spouse and daughter as the centerpieces of her life.  She loves her work as a certified massage therapist specializing in pain relief for chronic stress, pain, injuries and  trauma.  She found that being present in life and showing up for what is – has made  the profound difference.   You can reach Marie at (303) 748-9130 to schedule bodywork.  You can also reach her at: -or- at the website:


“This inspirational book reveals the sisterhood that women share on journeys to healing, choice, change, and self realization. The stories will touch your soul.”

Shelly Moorman, Parent Educator, Coach, and Speaker, Head & Heart Parent

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Linda Van Haver

I have found that speaking my truth has become absolutely essential to living my life with authenticity.  Until recently, I kept my truth locked away in a vault marked Shame.  The more I stepped into my own personal empowerment, the more willing I became to share my truth, especially when I realized how helpful it could be to others.  Yet at first to open up and speak my truth was difficult for me.  I have always been a private person and don’t share information about myself easily. In addition, since I am a therapist I am accustomed to keeping quiet about myself to create a safe space for my client and making sure I have no personal agenda during a session.

I also found that I had to release worrying about hurting others’ feelings in order to speak and stand in my truth. I had to let go of wondering what the reaction would be from those who hurt me and my calling them out on it. My desire to coddle and protect those closest to me had to be overcome because they are part of my life, hence my story.  I now feel so secure in this world and my place in it that I no longer  am I  tied to everyone having a good opinion of me.  I have done a shift which has enabled me to drop my guard, surrender, just be and let my truth speak for itself.

Helping people release the effects of a turbulent childhood and step into their greatness is what Linda Van Haver feels called to do.  Through behavior modification and empowerment techniques, she works with people by phone, in workshops, and in private sessions to assist them in creating an excellent quality of life. She is a Hypnotherapist, Energy Psychology Practitioner, Co-Author of One Page Wisdom, and Creator of Reclaim the Power Within™ and Claim Your Thunder™ workshops.  772 770-MIND (6463)  Email:

Speaking Your Truth is an authentic celebration of courage and love. Each person’s journey will inspire you to connect with your heart, discover your voice and speak your own truth.”

Marie Kirkland, Spiritual Life Coach and Founder of Inner Alignment Living

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Paula Robbins

I have recently had the privilege of contributing to a compilation book called Speaking Your Truth. It is a book written by all women authors with intention to inspire, motivate and share in the wonderful world of strong and empowered women that have overcome obstacles from a place of love, commitment, and just pure fire. The bond that women share with one another is very special. For centuries, women have held each other up amongst great challenge and adversity and celebrated all that life can offer with one another, and many of these contributions have had a great impact on our society as we know it today in America. Yet, women do not always readily share of their adversity. Many of the strongest women in history have walked through great challenges with grace, dignity and discretion, only for the truth to come out much later in their life of what it was like to walk in their shoes (or pumps if you prefer).

Sharing stories has always had a powerful impact in people’s lives. We all want to know how others have gotten through difficulties and risen to a place of light, and this book offers just that, experience, strength and hope.

It truly is an honor to be able to share my own story and read many others knowing I am not alone in the efforts I have made to make a better life for my self, my loved ones and my community. It is amazing what the human spirit can walk through and even more amazing how each individual chooses to step. With every story in this book, you will be able to take something that will inspire and motivate you, regardless of your gender, and it will empower you to speak your own truth and walk your own walk with a greater ease and confidence in doing so.

Paula Robbins, CCHt a Certified Counseling Hypnotherapist who specializes in the healing works of transpersonal hypnosis and spiritual transformation. Her desire to help people change their lives for the better is a natural way of being. She is committed to supporting the efforts of all who wish to live a life of Higher Purpose through healing within, spiritual expansion and maintaining states of peace through any circumstance.  For more information visit or contact Paula directly at (303)921-1473 or by email at


“The women in Speaking Your Truth are all fearless and risk takers with their truth. All women, especially young women who are still searching for who they are, need to read these stories to share in the inspiration and wisdom of women who are achieving their dreams despite life’s roadblocks. I thought of my young daughter as I was reading this book and thought that this book could be so healing when she encounters negativity. Thank you so much, writers, for sharing your words with us!”

Alice Osborn ( writer, editor, speaker and teacher

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Marcella Nordbeck

While being led through a guided meditation a few days before Thanksgiving in 2009 I was encouraged to think about the things I was grateful for.  Then I was instructed to visualize the things I would be grateful for the following Thanksgiving.  Immediately I thought, “I am grateful that I am a published author!”  But then the doubting voice in my head replied, “There is no way I’ll be a published author by this time next year.  I have to finish my book first and the publishing process is lengthy.”  However, despite my conflicting thoughts, I held onto the belief that becoming a published author in the coming year was somehow attainable.

Later that same day, while networking on facebook, I read Andrea Costantine’s invitation to aspiring women writers.  In her post she asked, “Are you a woman who has always wanted to be published, and has an inspiring story to tell, but you don’t have time to finish writing your book?”  I thought to myself, “Yes! I have a story to tell – my story  – and I have always wanted to be a published author.  But with a full-time job, and other commitments, I haven’t found the time to finish my manuscript.” 

An aspiring author for years, I had held the belief that “real” writers publish fiction.  It wasn’t until I read the New York Times bestseller Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert that I realized one can also have a successful career writing non-fiction.  Inspired by Gilbert’s travel log, I decided to honor my dream to become a published non-fiction author.  But it wasn’t until I read Andrea’s call-for-entry on facebook that my writing had a tangible means with which to be shared with others. 

Sure, I had been blogging for a while, but adding published author to my resume and holding a printed book in my hand containing my words is a dream come true.  I also received many other gifts throughout the process of writing and editing my essay and critiquing those written by some of the other contributors.  I have gained confidence, cultivated friendships, and  have continued to find my voice – both as a woman and as a writer. 

It is an honor to be a part of the “Speaking My Truth” book project.  I hope that I might inspire other women with my story – similar to how Elizabeth Gilbert inspired me with hers.  But this I know for sure: I have been touched by the other women authors and their stories of courage, strength, and hope.  I am forever changed.  I will keep following my dreams.  And I will keep speaking my truth.

Marcella Nordbeck lives in Denver, Colorado where she paints abstracts with acrylic, acrylic mediums, and mixed media.  She also shoots candid photographs documenting the Denver art scene.  Inspired by her studies of the world’s religions, New Thought philosophy, and her experiences in meditation, her mission is to, “send out love into the world one painting at a time.” She only participates in art shows in which at least ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork support a charity or cause.  When Marcella is not painting or taking photos, she writes a blog about the Denver art scene titled “Observations of an Artist.”  To contact Marcella, email her at:  To read her blog, visit:


“Aimed at women who on a daily basis need to know that we have collective stories and energy. It reads like personal journal entries with stories and thoughts we all have or will face in our lifetime. There is something to enlighten us in every story”

Mary Baum, BA&T President

What Speaking My Truth Means to Me – Sharon Madrid

MY journey to authenticity began with writing my story “Beginnings and Triumphs”.  Many family and friends were astounded by the courage it took. Little did anyone know that I procrastinated, avoided and once again suppressed the emotions that bubbled with in me to sit down and begin to write.  Funny how we can allow the rambling of our own mental thoughts sabotage a reality of birth to such a cathartic explosion.

Once the story began to unfold my realization of the unique, beautiful, successful woman blossomed from the weed of a dandelion to a Red rose that I am. For me, writing this unleashed such an empowerment of myself, which I hope will inspire others.  I stand erect and proud that one can be born into struggles, but found the way to create possibilities.  Be the change  you want to see, Ghandi

 Sharon earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Colorado Health Science Center. In her nursing positions, she has been placed in leadership roles where she has won several awards. Many years were spent as a single mother and cultivating her nursing career. Although focused in health care and adored care-giver, Sharon has broadened her interests. She is passionate about travel and sailing, including sailing on a private vessel “Epiphany” exploring the Bahamas, and a catamaran around the Greek Isles and down the Northeast Coast of Spain. Sharon is passionate about self-empowerment and achievement.  When she is not working as a nurse, she loves to empower others through the opportunities of entrepreneurialism, which includes Send Out Cards

“This book helps one feel empowered to take control of our own lives, see the gifts we are given along the way and have the strength to be the person we were meant to be. It gives hope and strength and support. I found each story quite touching and unique.”

Lee Weisbard D.D.S., Excellence in Dental Health Care

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Kelly Calton

Reading has always been a part of my life.  I am never without a book to be reading.  However, as a get another year older, I am trying to see the everyday story that I am living and writing in the book of my life.  That is why I love Speaking Your Truth!  I have thought about writing a book/short story from time to time but the thought of it was quite daunting.  However, when I heard about SYT, I immediate jumped on board.Writing for SYT made me step back and think about what I really do want to share with others, and more importantly, why I wanted to share it with them.  In the end, I learned more about myself than what my readers will learn about me. 

In addition, I love the collaboration of amazing women, all of whom have a story to tell.  In the day and age where it is easy to become a loner, it’s clear that SYT has brought people together for a greater common goal. Will SYT propel me to finish that book I want to write?  You bet!  The support and encouragement that I have received on this project has convinced me that I have a story worth writing.  Perhaps one day it’ll be an inspiration to someone who will be reading and wondering about the story of their life. 

Kelly has provided accounting, bookkeeping, and Human Resource support for families and companies in the Colorado area since 2002. She is passionate about providing services that become solutions and strives to make asset management less stressful and easier to understand.  Kelly is a Certified Public Accountant, is on the Board of Directors for the Credit Union of the Rockies, and serves on the finance team of her church. When she’s not working, you can find her outside, tending to her city garden.  Visit for more information.


“WOW is an understatement for the amazing stories from the hearts of these women. What a blessing you have produced for all to read!”

Betsy Wiersma, Founder CampExperience

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou