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What does being a part of the Speak Your Truth mean to Elana Perry?

I first learned about this project while attending a Women, Wine and Wellness event hosted by Lisa Shultz.  I found the overall concept of this book; of inviting other women to share their personal stories inspiring.  I had always wanted to share my personal truth with others and truly believed that though my pain and heartbreak I could somehow inspire and help other young women to rise above their loss and love themselves. 

Writing my truth was not an easy task.  Truth be told, it was downright difficult at times.  The raw emotion I was forced to re-live;  that which I had buried deep within my soul  for so many years frighten me, there were times I found myself lamenting uncontrollably.  “Have I opened Pandora’s Box?” I thought.   Perhaps, but it was time for me to deal with that hurt and not continue to cower away from it.  It was time for me to release it and be free!  I was determine to face those emotions head on, unafraid and with courage.  It was somehow bigger than me; I was doing it for YOU the reader of this project. 

My sole desire was and remains that the readers of this project find hope, courage, and inspiration to share her story and release the pains of the past in order to find her true strength and beauty.   My wish is that these stories empower others push through their pain and find their voice again to ultimately speak their truth.

I am excited and grateful to have been a part of a book project where I was able to share my story and hopefully inspire other women to author their own. 

Elana Perry is a writer, social entrepreneur, humanitarian and Personal Financial Coach / Independent Consultant for Primerica Financial Services (PFS). She is dedicated to educating and helping middle-income individuals, families, companies and organizations achieve financial independence and debt freedom. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, Bryce, and their sons, Mylz and Mekhi. For a free financial needs analysis visit her Web site at: Email: Phone: 303-472-3783

“A treasure chest of rich and inspiring words of wisdom from women who have delved deeply into their psyche and souls. Minds are expanded and hearts opened by readers wandering through each grace-filled chapter. A most precious gift to your best friend, mother, daughter or yourself. Dive in and enjoy the warmth of women speaking their truth for I have, and have been touched and divinely blessed.” 

Carolyn Craft,


What Speaking Your Truth Means To Me – Galit Lazar

The event that has defined my life the most is something that very few people have the courage to speak about and that is failure. When I experienced failure I started to search for who I really am and start to love myself. While writing the chapter I learned much more lessons and also realized how much I have accomplished. I learned that failure is in fact success. When I read the chapter I couldn’t believe at what I have created. You see, when I started writing, I was a horrible writer, but when I had to face failure and depression, I suddenly started to write everyday and amazing things has happened to me. Writing this chapter has proved to me that I can indeed accomplish more then I think if I put my mind to it. I always dreamt of being a  published author and Andrea Constantine has made my dream came true and I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

In my chapter I am describing how I have conquered failure, how I have discovered the meaning of success and how I found my passion and got the courage to pursue it. The Oprah show has changed my life. So if you want to know how, read my chapter and discover the wonderful miracles that also can happen to you.

 I also write a blog called Life Lessons and you can read it here:

Author’s Biography: Galit Lazar is the President, Owner and creator of Galit’s C.A.M.P. Coaching  and helps women in the entertainment business set the stage for an unforgettable performance consistently and stress free. Galit was also mentored by Sandy Forester, the well known author of Wildly Wealthy Fast.  lives in Montreal Canada and is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children. To find more information about Galit visit here:

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Meenal Kelkar

Speaking my truth is a combined healing and spiritual practice for me. My ability to speak my truth and have it be heard was stolen from me when I was first assaulted thirty years ago and reinforced during a second assault eleven years later. I can see now how both times I swallowed my verbal “No” for fear of escalation, and contracted my muscles, the mechanism for my body language, as my attempts to shield myself were overpowered.

My healing unfolds as I use mindful movement, combined with breath and a curious mind, to unearth those parts locked deep within that continue to drive unconscious habits that I want to change. By using acceptance and compassion to bring those shadow aspects of myself into the light of consciousness, I inhabit more fully the woman I want to be. With each unfolding in my healing practice, I embrace another aspect of my humanness.

Each time I gather the courage to be vulnerable and speak my truth publicly, I reclaim my power, my voice and my Spirit. It is the positive action I take on behalf my younger self to wash away any lingering guilt or shame. So, I find myself constantly surprised, humbled, awed and deeply moved when others respond that my sharing facilitated connection with hidden parts of themselves. Surprised by the validation that my voice is now heard. Humbled by the mystery that my words could support someone else’s healing.  Awed by the reminder that words used in anger can likewise wound someone else. And ultimately, deeply moved because in that cycle of sharing, we each acted from the Divine that I believe exists within each of us.

After 15 years in corporate finance and four years as an entrepreneur and holistic healer, Meenal Kelkar, MBA, CPRYT knows the pitfalls of living a life in a constant state of overwhelm. As a Mind-Body-Spirit Educator, Meenal teaches pragmatic approaches to breaking free of the cycles of stress-burnout and giving-depletion. She helps corporate executives and women entrepreneurs experience more ease, more calm and more balance in everyday life. These tools will soon be available as on-line programs through her website In 2010, in conjunction with her “Say Yes to Me” campaign, Meenal launched, where she will share her new insights and programs as they unfold.


“Speaking Your Truth sizzles with brave energy. These amazing stories are a powerful testimony to the strength of human spirit, and a source of hope to all.”

Sharon Lippincott, Life Writing Coach and author of The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou