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What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Suzanne B Simpson

I felt propelled to write my story because it helped me put onto paper more understanding of myself and the valuable lessons and growth I have learned through the years.  I have always known that there is something really healing about getting your secrets out in the open. By simply disclosing I felt there would be an inner force that would set me free.

I also believe it’s from my own struggles that my life message and work can develop.  I got more clarity about my desire to inspire others and help them along their path in the way I had grown.

I felt very hesitant to put these words down knowing that people whom I had never shared them with would now know a part of my life that I wasn’t proud of.  My pride and perfectionism kicked in and I felt I am not a good enough writer.

I decided to not go with the resistance, but rather immerse myself in sharing these less appealing parts of my life knowing that with it would come the freedom to be more truly authentic.  I believe that has been the result and l look forward to sharing my message with other women who may be experiencing similar struggles.

It gave me great joy to let out these private parts of my life in hopes of other’s gleaning some insight into their own life.  If our world is going to evolve into a more healed and healthy place to live, people need to see role models of those who have endured their own life’s journeys and have come out better and stronger as a result. Too many of us want to stay stuck in our own stories about what has happened to us and not see that their experiences can be the greatest gift.  The courage of my sharing my truth I believe will give other’s greater courage to follow my footsteps.

Suzanne Simpson, M.Ed, LPC, is owner of Inner-Connected Health, an integrative practice with expertise in women’s wellness issues through mid-life.  She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Connection Coach, Author, and Workshop Facilitator helping those connect to their heart energy that has been locked up and blocking their success in relationships, career, and health.  She provides life coaching, and emotional clearing tools, techniques and strategies through one-on-one or group teleclasses and workshops. She can be visited at  Email: (720) 981-0713.


“What I believe that you will get from reading the incredible stories in this book, is a sense of the power of doing just what the title of this beautiful book suggests – Speaking Your Truth. This is because being aware of what is really true for you and being able to speak it out is a profound way for you to come into alignment with the unique possibilities that are waiting to be actualized in your own life. Perhaps you will find the courage to step into a life of even more full expression of who you really are from reading these inspiring stories. “

Tom Stone – CEO of Great Life Technologies and author of Vaporize Your Anxiety without Drugs or Therapy and The Power of How.

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou