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What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Suzanne B Simpson

I felt propelled to write my story because it helped me put onto paper more understanding of myself and the valuable lessons and growth I have learned through the years.  I have always known that there is something really healing about getting your secrets out in the open. By simply disclosing I felt there would be an inner force that would set me free.

I also believe it’s from my own struggles that my life message and work can develop.  I got more clarity about my desire to inspire others and help them along their path in the way I had grown.

I felt very hesitant to put these words down knowing that people whom I had never shared them with would now know a part of my life that I wasn’t proud of.  My pride and perfectionism kicked in and I felt I am not a good enough writer.

I decided to not go with the resistance, but rather immerse myself in sharing these less appealing parts of my life knowing that with it would come the freedom to be more truly authentic.  I believe that has been the result and l look forward to sharing my message with other women who may be experiencing similar struggles.

It gave me great joy to let out these private parts of my life in hopes of other’s gleaning some insight into their own life.  If our world is going to evolve into a more healed and healthy place to live, people need to see role models of those who have endured their own life’s journeys and have come out better and stronger as a result. Too many of us want to stay stuck in our own stories about what has happened to us and not see that their experiences can be the greatest gift.  The courage of my sharing my truth I believe will give other’s greater courage to follow my footsteps.

Suzanne Simpson, M.Ed, LPC, is owner of Inner-Connected Health, an integrative practice with expertise in women’s wellness issues through mid-life.  She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Connection Coach, Author, and Workshop Facilitator helping those connect to their heart energy that has been locked up and blocking their success in relationships, career, and health.  She provides life coaching, and emotional clearing tools, techniques and strategies through one-on-one or group teleclasses and workshops. She can be visited at  Email: (720) 981-0713.


“What I believe that you will get from reading the incredible stories in this book, is a sense of the power of doing just what the title of this beautiful book suggests – Speaking Your Truth. This is because being aware of what is really true for you and being able to speak it out is a profound way for you to come into alignment with the unique possibilities that are waiting to be actualized in your own life. Perhaps you will find the courage to step into a life of even more full expression of who you really are from reading these inspiring stories. “

Tom Stone – CEO of Great Life Technologies and author of Vaporize Your Anxiety without Drugs or Therapy and The Power of How.

What Speaking Your Truth Means To Me – Susan Reardon

Over one’s lifetime many opportunities arise, some are taken and some for whatever reason fall by the wayside.  Being involved in this project, Speaking Your Truth has been one of those opportunities that from the moment I heard about it, I was excited about and wanted to be involved in, a project that I wanted to take, head on.  Speaking Your Truth is something I believe in and feel committed to.  I feel committed to it because I know through my own experience that stories of triumph and empowerment always rise up out of Truth.  I also appreciate the power of women coming together for a common cause.  Uniting with others in community and with a common goal helps a cause exponentially.  When I think of this project and the powerful group of women assembled here, I cannot help but reflect on the words, “Whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name…”  This project has felt purposeful and for each of us in our own way, a labor of Love.  Being involved in something that spreads such a positive message makes me feel like I am living on purpose for that I am grateful.  It is my hope and my prayer that this book supports others in finding their voice and their power so that they too, can speak their truth.

Susan Reardon, M.A. is an innovator, educator, and transformational guide in the field of health, fitness, and natural healing. She works as a Licensed Minister in the State of New York. Also trained as an Exercise Physiologist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, she considers herself a Spirit Guide in human form with the mission to expand the Circle of Grace one soul at a time.  Utilizing her Higher Guidance, Spiritual Principles/Wisdom and Yoga Therapy/Breathing Techniques, she supports her client’s spiritual growth. She creates a safe space for individuals to experience themselves, shifting from fear, anger, and despair into acknowledgement, acceptance, and integration. .  Visit her website at and learn about the 501(c)3 “…Be The Example” by visiting:


Speaking Your Truth” does just that.  It captures the essence of the power, connection and healing that comes from us all sharing our truths, our pains, our loves, our struggles and our successes. It opens the door and gives us permission to speak our own truth and share our own story.  I felt uniquely connected to each woman as they shared their deeply personal life experiences. They each became friends as I got to know the underlying story that made them distinctively who they are. This book is truly a gift and an inspiration.  Thank you!”

Karen Sherwood, Founder of The Women’s Small Biz Network

What Speaking Your Truth Means To Me – Marjorie Webb

I am excited about this inspiring book, Speaking your Truth, because it includes so many voices of women speaking out to share and help others.  I believe in the healing power of writing.  Whether we keep a daily journal, or are merely working on something to leave for our grandchildren, or hoping to have our writing published one day, writing about our experiences helps us to not only get in touch with our feelings, but in the process helps us to grow and learn.  Getting in touch with our feelings returns us to ourselves helping us to become whole.

 I would like to acknowledge with thanks not only Andrea and Lisa for making this project possible, but also all the women who have bravely shared their own personal story.  There are so many women who have joined in this project, and I feel inspired by and connected to them even though I have met only a very few personally. 

These honest, heartfelt contributions serve as a reminder to us that even though we are each on our own personal journey with perhaps different obstacles, choices to make, or lessons to learn, we are united together by our desire to reach out to others sharing our triumphs as well as our painful moments in hopes that we may be able to help someone else going through a similar situation.

Marjorie is thoroughly enjoying retirement. She lives with her husband in a rural area about 45 miles south of Denver, Colorado.  They enjoy travelling all over the world and scuba diving together.  She has been blessed with two daughters and eight beautiful grandchildren and is happy they all live near her. Marjorie has always enjoyed writing and finds it helps her work through anything. She believes the process of writing brings healing. At the time she lost her mother in April, 2005, she felt she would never get through the grief.  Writing about it helped her accept the loss and learn from her mother’s death.  Marjorie can be reached at


“In these many stories of encountering and surviving life’s difficult moments, one reads of courage accompanied by fear, of determination followed by doubt, of hope aligning with despair. These are stories of doing what one must do, what the situation calls for.  In Marjorie Webb’s story, “Role Reversal,” for instance, we live with her the stunning experience of entering her elderly mother’s apartment and finding it in disarray and filthy. The initial tears are wiped away and are replaced with a resolve to do what needs to be done. Marjorie cares for her mother—and in the process gives us the courage to face what we must face in our own lives. These stories point out once again that “life is not for sissies” and that only courage, determination, and hope will carry the day.”

Denis Ledoux author of Turning Memories Into Memoirs, A Handbook for Writing Lifestories


“I would like to thank all of these brave women. It takes a special kind of courage to share such personal stories with the world. Thank you for motivating me to try to better my own life. In particular I would like to thank Marjorie Webb for saving her mother. Her life was pretty darn good after Marjorie reversed rolls. Those last years with her daughter, son in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren were special. How do I know this? Because my darling Aunty Gwen told me so herself. Emails and phone calls from Marjorie kept me up to date as I couldn’t be there in person to help. Thanks again, Margie.”

Sandy Balanecki, Sydney Australia

What Speaking Your Truth Means To Me – Kelly Collins

     I have arrived at a moment of pause in my life.  Perhaps it is just aging; perhaps it is an awakening of my soul.  Either way, it started as a discomfort.  I could feel an itch, but, could not discern the location to scratch it.  The discomfort grew.  It agitated in the middle of the night it called to me in my journal.  Eventually, ‘it’ had to be addressed.

     The discomfort came from my soul.  It let me know that I was living a life that contained inauthentic actions and words.  As little as ‘white lies’ about why I was late to full blown excuses about why I couldn’t meet my plans and obligations.  I knew it was my ‘Truth’ and authenticity I was dealing with, because The Universe sent me some wonderful loving souls to remind me that I wasn’t being wholly authentic.   When I heard the words “Be Yourself Everywhere,” the tears flooded my eyes.  As I was told to ask myself, “‘Who is the liar, the cheater, the alcoholic that wants to hold you back from your Greatness,” I knew that Spirit was no longer going to allow me to carry on with the masquerade ball I had created.    I am alive today because I sought out my truth and although the exposure of my authenticity is uncomfortable, it is not as painful as the itch!

Kelly Collins has been a Licensed Mortgage Broker for the past 27 years.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies and an emphasis on Religious Studies from the University of Denver. Kelly is a certified Zumba® fitness instructor and is also in pursuit of becoming a practitioner with Mile Hi Church of Religious Science.  She lives with her family in Lakewood, CO and can be reached via e-mail at


“Speaking Your Truth will uplift you to envision the next best stage of your precious life!  Each woman’s story is an authentic inspiration for real change and meaning!”

Bernadette Hunter, LPC, P.C., owner, Powerful Performance

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Ginny Martin Fleming

Growing up female in the 1960’s and ‘70’s in the South, I was taught to smile and answer “fine” to any inquiry as to how I was, even if I was upset or hurting, scared or lonely, or just not “fine.”  I grew up watching women in the South, and on TV, cater to their men, greeting them at the end of the day in fresh clothes with a hot meal of a meat and two vegetables and dessert and the expectation of quiet, well-behaved children.  Good grades were shown to Daddy.  Not-so-good grades were saved “for the right time.”  Even in my own (first) marriage, I knew to put away new clothes in closets until “the right time.”

            I was an exceptionally good Southern girl.  I hid my flaws well, shyly acknowledging my successes, but often downplaying them, since I knew they were only part of the picture of who I was.  I did not dare risk the truth getting out of who I really was.  Oh no!  I thought anything less than perfection might disgrace the family or, even worse, render me unlovable to my parents.  I internalized this sense of “not good enough.”  I mastered the art of hiding my true feelings.

            Childhood imprints can be hard to overcome.  Decades later, I am still trying to “get it” that I am good enough.  Intellectually I can accept this; but internalizing it so that I make appropriate choices and responses, set suitable boundaries for healthy relationships, and live a life of integrity where my truth is readily apparent is still sometimes a challenge for me.  I have gradually peeled away the layers, one by one, daring to reveal the real me to a select few at first.  Over time strong supportive friendships and a loving second husband have reassured me it is safe to be me.  I can now speak my truth.  I really am “fine” just as I am.

Prior to having children, Ginny was an Account Executive for a high tech advertising agency.  Before getting sick in 1990, she had her own free lance marketing and public relations business.  Today, Ginny’s passion is empowering other women through private healing sessions, rich friendships, and teaching kundalini yoga and meditation.  She is also a writer and lover of books.  When not escaping to their little beach house, Ginny lives in Wake Forest, NC with her husband, Michael, and her sweet 15-year old golden/border collie, Bailey.  Contact Ginny at

“We can see a little piece of ourselves in every story as we share the heartache but also the joy of remembering who we really are.  Bravo to all these brave and beautiful women!”

Sherrie Scott, Singer/Songwriter, Filmmaker

What Speaking My Truth Means To Me – Ana-Christina Wadle


I was NOT very happy when Lisa (very politely) told me that I’d written a good story, but that she was rather hoping that I would tell a different one for her book.

One that she’d heard a snippet of during a workshop that I presented at one of her Women, Wine, and Wellness events.

I really did NOT want to write it.  I was done with it.  It was history.  I am tired of having it sap me of energy when I think of it (i.e. – there’s still a root of something unhealthy there, huh?)

I tucked it away for about a week, ruminated on it, and finally sat down to write. 

I immediately became sick to my stomach and left the project for another time.  I false-started two more times.  I realized that God was giving me another opportunity to heal a hidden root of pain that I’d been overlooking.  Once I understood and accepted it, I began again. 

I wept a little, still felt terribly nauseated, and got it done.  I slept on it, re-read it and then went to my parent’s home, where my husband was working, and read it to the three of them.  It was impactful and powerful to surface emotions that I thought were long healed. 

Ah, but there’s a huge difference

between healed and buried, is there not?

Writing this chapter created a space for me.  A space to take time to open up an area in my heart.  And re-opening and old, poorly healed wound can be very painful.  And then be willing to clean it out?!  And, of course, it takes additional steps to close and give it time to heal – this time cleanly.

God is so gracious, and keeps giving me these amazing opportunities to forgive, and forgive again.  Not only others.  It was amazing to finally forgive myself.  It was last year.  I was 42.   

In this healing, I have found my gifts, my passions, and my path. 

I am doing what I was meant to do. 

Speaking my truth means that I am willing to look at the whole story, and see how even the bad parts helped me become who I am today. 

Speaking my truth means that I will share, even though I’m nervous about it.

Speaking my truth means saying what I need to say, knowing that it will inspire and encourage others, and create another level of healing for me.

Build the life you REALLY want.

Ana-Christina Wadle (“Wad-lee”) is an inspirational trainer and speaker, Legacy Coach, and author. She presents her Tools of Hope Workshops not only as a trainer and coach, but as a keynote speaker for a wide variety of companies and organizations. She was a single mom for ten years to her three boys, Colin, Nick, and Chris. She met and married her gift (and partner in constant-home-remodel!), Jerry Wadle in 2007. Her twin passions are helping survivors of any kind to learn to thrive, and helping the helpers. With her motivating and insightful trainings, she has worked with distinct groups such as victim’s advocates, clinical staff, counselors, accountants, construction superintendents, police officers, SWAT officers, nurses, and sales professionals. Learn more at:  www.TOOLSOFHOPE.COM or, Email:, Call:  303.751.6813


“The women in this book bravely offer stories of lives lived with passion, mindfulness, and perseverance. Their strength is humbling, and uplifting. Their stories are stimulating and inspiring, and they prove that we alone define ourselves and our place in this world.”

Rachel Thompson, DVM Associate Veterinarian Minnesota Zoological Garden

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou